Monday, November 2, 2009

Food for thought

Israel arrests Jewish-American for hate crimes
10:19AM Monday Nov 02, 2009

Just a short observation about this. Apparently a man named Jack Teitel, described as an 'ultra-Orthodox Jewish West Bank settler', was arrested by Israeli police and Shin Bet for "the killing of two Arabs, the targeting of a peace activist and an attack on a breakaway Jewish sect over a period of 12 years."

Teitel, who does not speak Hebre, had immigrated to Israel from Florida about a decade ago. Interestingly, the polics spokesperson, Micky Rosenfeld, descibed the man as "a Jewish terrorist".

Critics will point out that Teitel's most conspicious attacks were against a family of Messianic Jews (Jews who accept Christ as the Messiah but have remained Jewish), and an Israeli peace activist, but he has also been accused of killing two Palestinians in 1997 and wounding another Arab.

To me, this begs an obvious question - what do Palestinians do with their terrorists? My impression is that, while Israeli authorities are arresting Jews who have killed Palestinians, the Palestinans seem to hold parades for Arabs who have killed Jews.

Food for thought...

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