Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time to make a stand.

Okay, it's been a while since the last post - not because there's been nothing happening, but more because I've been way too busy and there's way too much to write about. Yay for me - I got promoted at work so now I'm one step higher up the ladder and kind of like Sir Ed on Everest the day before the assault - not at the yop yet, but you can definitely see it.

Anyway, the big news that I want to write about today is the 'terrorist' camps in the Ureweras. It seems to me that the police have been getting a lot of bad press in the last year or more, and this case really just tops it off. There is a very large, radical fringe in society which is coming closer and closer to the mainstream; a sector that actively mistrusts, and deliberately disobeys, the police. They've been using this whole incident as 'proof' that the police force is actually some quasi-fascist paramilitary that is dedicated to suppressing the rights of the citizenry. What worries me more is the civil disobedience which is being advocated by such groups. And these camps seem to be part of it.

One of my good mates at uni was from the Ureweras. We went to his marae for a few days for a staff training camp, and another mate and I went back once or twice in the next few years. Very isolated, very socio-economically disadvantaged by the effects of the various fiscal policies and global changes over the past three decades. I remember when I first found out that Tuhoe hadn't signed the Treaty, when I was in my second year at uni. I hadn't thought much of it then, but as I looked around the area a few years later I could see why they hadn't been able to survive as a sovereign state anyway - not that there had ever been one there. And it is the same reason they'd not be able to today. I can't see separatism actually working here in New Zealand - we're far too small as it is, so any smaller state completely surrounded by us would not be able to survive without a generous amount of financial support. But if anyone would be advocating it, it would be Tame Iti. There's just something not quite right about this guy. Quite frankly, they should have strung him up after he shot the flag a few years back. The only thing that stops me trampling and spitting on the Tino Rangatiratanga flag every time I see it is that I really don't want to get beaten up over an insignificant piece of fabric which means nothing to me.

But back to the point. A few weeks ago we have new of this police 'swoop' on a number of 'terrorist training camps' in the Ureweras, and on a number of people around the North Island who were connected with the camps. Most of the people arrested were charged with firearms offences, rather than terrorism. In fact, I don't actually recall EVER hearing the police themselves say anything about terrorism. The only people saying it were the media, who were all excited about the coincidental timing of the raids just before new anti-terrorist legislation was coming up before Parliament. This same media then goes and interviews various friends and relatives of those arrested, many of whom claim that the suspects were peace loving and didn't even know what guns looked like, and certainly would never plan a terrorist attack.

Let's face it, this debacle is of the media's making. I don't know if there is a plot to wage an insurrectionist war against the people of NZ to secure Maori sovereignty and an end to GE trials, or whatever the reason was for these people to be working together. To be frank, I think most of those who have been accused of it probably spend way too much time pipe dreaming and pot smoking to be able to organise a Girl Guide biscuit stall, so I'm not imagining that a fully fledged plot to overthrow the state apparatus was ever even partially conceived. The only one I really think is involved in all this is Tame Iti - along with his secret cronies in the Green Party and what I like to call the Revolutionary Underground Front for Undermining the State (RUFUS). But what I suspect is that some relatively clever liberal civil rights activists (and yes, there ARE some relatively clever liberals out there, especially now they run the universities and can eliminate the teaching and even speaking of subjects and theories which they disagree with), along with some cronies in the leftist dominated mainstream media, have worked together to turn this simple case of firearms offences into some massive terrorist plot, which they can then present to the public as a farsical police operation to further besmirch the good name of the boys (and girls) in blue. The erosion of trust in our public institutions is an important step in the neo-socialist agenda to circumvent the machinery of the state, thus making it easier for them to overthrow everything else and begin creating their New Society, starting with a new flag and a new name, 'Aotearoa' - which Maori themselves never used because there was no unified nation in New Zealand until after the Western colonisation.

Watch this space - there will be very little proof, police credibility will take another hit, and more and more people will begin to doubt the integrity of the state. Less and less will participate in the democratic process, leaving the way open for the radical lunatic leftist fringe to sweep through and establish a puppet Clarkocracy under the 'beloved leader' of the mainstream socialist front organisation. Behind the scenes, however, you can be sure that the Lockes, Bradfords, Tanczos', Itis, Harawiras, McCartens etc will all be carving up this nation into a number of little Bantustans under customary tribal law. This is only the thin end of the wedge. We must stand firm and support the maintenance of law and order in our society. If we do not, if we let the Leftists have their way, then we are truly lost.

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