Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Zealand's (in)Justice System

What do people have to do to be permanently removed from society?

Ask Roger Kahui, who was convicted yesterday on 26 counts stemming from his repeated rape of a Pukekohe woman in her own home - less than a year after his release from an eight year sting in prison.

Kahui (yes, related to THOSE Kahuis) had already racked up an astonishing 140 convictions, including rape and indecent assault, before appearing in court on the latest charges. And, surprise surprise, he claimed it was not rape - no, Your Honour, it was consensual. According to his statement, the ‘devil’ came out of him when he went to the woman’s home to get money to support his P habit. (What another surprise - are there any criminals left that DON'T have a P habit?) He also expressed regret for the consensual sex which he claimed to have ensued - and maybe I’m doing it wrong, because I didn’t realise that while having consensual sex with someone you have to put a pillowcase over their head, and afterwards you have to make them take a shower to remove DNA traces. How romantic.

"I'm not a rapist," he said. "I don't care about these chicks, I'm not worried about them."

This prince of a man will be up for sentencing soon, and the Crown will be asking for preventive detention with no definitive parole period. Let’s hope the presiding judge shows that he has some balls and actually gives this scum what he deserves.

Oh, and ask yourself what is more inhumane - the death penalty for repeat serious offenders, or releasing them back into society so they can inflict more pain on more people?

The only sentence which guarantees a 100% non-recidivism rate - Death. Think about it.

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